Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creaky Joints? Then the A-Games are for You!

Let's face it, when arthritis attacks our bodies, it's difficult to move let alone be active.  That's why Creaky Joints created the A-Games.  The A-Games are a day-long event that includes swimming, aquatics, and exercize events that assist people of all ages who fight arthritis.  This Creaky Joints day event has many exciting things in store for its participants.  The day includes: classroom sessions, pool time, free food, and presentations by a physician, and a presentation by Creaky Joints health psychologist, Dr. Luarie Ferguson.  The swimming session of the day is taught by nationally ranked coaches, who are trained to work with people who have experience in swimming and those who don't. Creaky Joints want people to know that there are many reasons to attend this event.  The three main reasons are, to get active in a pain-free way, to meet people who are fighting arthritis as well, and to have fun.  This is a fun-filled day where people meet other people like them and do what Creaky Joints slogan is: "Bring Arthritis to its Knees." For more information on upcoming events with Creaky Joints, visit:

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